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Natural kiwi farming in Ehime, Shikoku, Japan


CSA Box Subscriptions in Japan: Farm Roundup!

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Vegetable, Produce and Grocery Delivery Boxes Across Japan

CSA boxes (when available) are a God-send for inaka newbies for a few reasons:

  1. Access to organic produce can be limited in the countryside, as there are literally requirements to use chemicals by big-biz farm distributors.
  2. The variety at your small local store might be pretty limited. I have only seen kale for sale one time at the Sunday market in Kochi, but I know they grow it in Fukuoka. I digress…
  3. The freshness of produce at teeny-tiny neighborhood stores can be disappointing. Please continue to support your neighborhood shops, but a girl can only take grey bananas and lettuce on the fringe for so long.

Natural Farming is a Difficult Lifestyle Choice.

My husband grows kiwi without chemicals or hormones. This is not an advertisement for his kiwi, but I want to share with you what I’ve witnessed because it helps to understand what it means to support small local natural farmers. His story is similar to what I’ve heard from others.

Mr. Nakamura chose to pursue natural farming out of passion, responsibility, and personal drive. We assumed responsibility for property that has farmable land. He has researched local grants to start agri-biz as a new farmer.

Rural areas, like the majority of places that host farming, are experiencing depopulation. In addition to the decrease in amenities such as hospitals, schools, and public services, rural areas also have fewer shops and fresh produce.

One day, Mr. Nakamura asked me about my vision for our property. He detailed that we could receive financial assistance to get started in farming, but only if we pursued farming the conventional way: where the land was a mono-crop, we used pesticides and fertilizers, and we couldn’t allocate space to “hobbies” such as raising chickens.

“What do you think?” He said. In my typical western fashion, I quickly gave my opinion without pause:

“Absolutely not.”

I know now, that was clearly the naive response. While a $12,000 stipend doesn’t sound like much, here in the countryside, that is what makes the difference between surviving and not surviving. We have dedicated countless hours to preparing land, maintaining the property, building fences (from the wild boar), harvesting, and more. There isn’t much time left to try and make a “backup” income.

And while it was the naive response, it seemed to be met with relief by my partner. You see, Mr. Nakamura attended permaculture school, dreams of geese and fruit trees, he looks forward to digging his own trenches, building ponds, and solving challenges in food production.

And while we have managed the seemingly impossible task of producing a harvest, I feel utterly defeated. Because while we have harvested twenty crates, we have sold only one small box.

So yes, please help support the orchard here by fulfilling your gift-giving and fresh fruit needs by ordering some kiwi. But telling you this story isn’t just about kiwi;

Ordering produce from small, natural farmers makes all the difference.

Your patronage means natural farming can exist in Japan.

CSA Boxes Offer Some Additional Perks

Heirloom varieties, the freshest in-season choices, convenient delivery, and unique selections. CSA boxes often also include recipe recommendations. So what are you waiting for! Here are some of your CSA box options in Japan!

Directory of Small Natural Farms

Awa Tsukuyomi Farm

Delivery area: throughout Japan (but shipping discounts do not apply only to Okinawa and Hokkaido).

Munōyakuyasai no mirē

Kasamatsu Farms (Eggs)

Delivery area: Kanto


Nagano Naturally

Hadashi Farm

Tanaka Yasai

Bio Marche

Shiga Kajiwara Farm

Suirin Natural Farm

Ome Farm

Other Natural Produce Delivery Services

Tabechoku Concierge


Tabechoku Fruit Select
食べチョク フルーツセレクト

Rakuten Farm


価格:1,980円(税込、送料無料) (2023/12/12時点)

All information was true at the time of publication but is subject to change. Please check with each organization for the most recent terms, shipping prices, etc.

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