Japanese Garden Hidden Gem: Garyu Sanso Ehime Garden


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A Beautiful and Creative Ehime Garden

Garyu Sanso (臥龍山荘) is a historic villa with mossy Japanese garden in Ozu, Ehime-ken on Shikoku island in Japan. I enjoy the peaceful scenery of the Japanese gardens. This one is extra special. There are the things you would expect: rolling moss, manicured trees, traditional vignettes.

This Ehime garden is special because it manages to be just a bit more magical and whimsical than any other Japanese Garden or park I’ve visited thus far. Maybe it’s the funny animal statues sprinkled across the property. Maybe it’s the repurposed item throughout: grinding stones amongst the walkway stones or old roof tiles used as planting borders.

While not revolutionary when seen individually, the overall effect is whimsical and lovely. It’s a feeling that only can be expressed here in Shikoku – where creatives can work with a bit more freedom outside of the stricter organizations in Kyoto or Tokyo.

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated gardens in Japan and a top recommendation.

Garyu Sanso Official site (historic villa and Japanese Garden)
Ehime Tourism Information (official site)

Check out the YouTube Short

Garyu Sanso: Ehime Garden Gallery

Garyu Sanso on Google Maps

Location: Ozu, Ehime Prefecture, an up-and-coming rural destination for eco-tourism.
Closest towns: Yawatahama, Uchiko, Seiyo, Matsuyama.

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Bitsii is an award-winning designer, having specialized in socially responsible interior design. Currently living in a remote part of Shikoku, she shares videos and articles about her home, garden, and cultural experiences as a foreigner in the Japanese Countryside.



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