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Slow Living in Japan

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Creating an Intentional Lifestyle in the Japanese Countryside

If you had asked me a few year ago if I would be writing a blog post about slow living from the edge of Shikoku island in Japan, I certainly never would have believed it. It is true, that saying “wherever you go, there you are.” But I also believe that there are some places that are better aligned with our individual goals, needs, and personalities. I found my place here in rural Japan.

Slow Living: The First Draft

There is no official definition for slow living. In some ways, we might need to define this for ourselves. This is a contextual practice… one that might need training and practice. Is slow living possible in the city? I think so, but that would probably look much different than my efforts here in the inaka. For me, it’s still an in-progress definition, but right now this means:

  • Working at my pace
  • Being able to act in line with my values
  • Spending more time in nature, in gardens, looking over mountains, hearing sounds of nature
  • Prioritizing foraged, home-grown or locally sourced plant-based foods
  • Prioritizing fished, hunted, trapped and locally sourced animal proteins
  • Mottai-nai (waste-not-want-not) practices, including assuming responsibility for an abandoned home

Moving into a vacant house with land in the countryside gives me the feeling of stepping lightly on the earth. I used to feel like there was no way out of the big corporate capitalism ship. I have challenges here, but I think it’s the escape from that lifestyle that will keep me from going back.

My goals for the next few years will be to take this further by strengthening our sustainable food practices and sharing methods with others. I also dream of the day when I can go to bed early and wake with the birds. Maybe if you keep tabs on this blog long enough, you’ll see me get there. 🙂

For now, here is my story:

I’m a lucky lady. None of this would be possible unless I had landed in Shikoku and found myself with a great community and a great house.

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