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Dreaming of immersing yourself in the vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and rich heritage of Japan? Living in Japan long-term can be a rewarding and transformative experience. However, navigating visas for Japan can seem daunting… because it is.

The most reliable place to receive Japan long-stay visa guidance is from your local embassy or from a licensed Administrative Scrivener (行政書士, Gyōsei shoshi) in Japan.

What is an Administrative Scrivener (行政書士, Gyōsei shoshi)?

A Gyōsei shoshi is a national licensed legal specialist in Japan. They can assist with matters regarding residency / visas for Japan, residency status, Japanese citizenship, naturalization, study abroad, working in Japan, opening a business in Japan, and advice around international marriages. They offer legal advice related to these processes.

Administrative Scriveners may also be referred to as Immigration Lawyers, Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers, or Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists.

Licensed Gyōsei shoshi in all prefectures are listed on the Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations website [in Japanese].

Where can I find immigration lawyer services in English?

A list of Licensed Administrative Scriveners that handle Foreigner-related matters, catering to English-speakers


Akira Higuchi Office
Masaki Saito Office
WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office
Sasaki Legal Office

Ogawa Tomoko Office


Ogata Gyoseisyosi
Go Administrative Scrivener Office

Inoue Immigration Support Office
Immigration Lawyer SUGITA International Office
TMS International Law Office
Beyond Administrative Scrivener Office
KABAYAN-VISA Immigration Lawyer Office
Kanako Takakura
OBI Administrative Scrivener Office
Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office
Matsunoo Office
Okajima Consulting Office
Arisaka Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office


Kaneko Legal Office
Shinichi Narita Visa & Naturalization Legal Office
Ishibashi Legal Office
Tohmon-Masaoka Sougoushien Office
Tanishima Legal Firm
Yanagi Kaji Group Office
Bloom Consulting
Cuarteto Office
Tokyo Global Administrative Scrivener Office
Fukada International Legal Office
Sunny Administrative Procedures Specialist Office
Tohmon-Masaoka Sougoushien Office
SK International Administrative Scrivener Office
Kaisha Express International
Sincerity Legal
Carlisle Law Office
Keika Office
Tanikawa Yuki Administrative-Solicitor Office
Kurata Administrative Scrivener Office
RITSUKO INOUE Administrative Scrivener Office
Office Takayama
NAKAMURA Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office
Magus Consulting and International Legal Office
mpH the Immigration Lawyer’s Office
Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office
Anshin Immigration & Social Security
Yamada Administrative Scrivener Office
Hiroo Park Gyosei-Shoshi Firm
Shichino International Legal Office
Hosokawa Office
Daisuke Tominaga
Yamaga International Legal Office
Ryu Matsumoto General Legal Office
Administrative Scrivener Kitaoka Office
Administrative Gyosei Lawyer Office of Yoshihito Sasaki
YW International Administrative Scrivener Office
Team Monet

Camphrier Office
NAGAI Certified Administrative Scrivener OFFICE

*This list was last updated June 2023. If you only speak English, please note that the service level might be different than what is marketed. Please check personally to assess your level of comfort before committing to service agreements.

For the full, updated directory, visit the Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations website, Member Search Page.

Where can I find a Japanese Embassy near me?


Embassy of Japan
Consulate-General in Brisbane
Consular Office in Cairns
Consulate-General in Melbourne
Consulate-General in Perth
Consulate-General in Sydney


Embassy of Japan
Consulate-General in Calgary
Consulate-General in Montreal
Consulate-General in Toronto
Consulate-General in Vancouver


Embassy of Japan
Consulate-General of Japan in Davao
Consulate-General of Japan in Cebu


Embassy of Japan
Consulate-General in Bengaluru
Consulate-General in Chennai
Consulate-General in Kolkata
Consulate-General in Mumbai

United States of America

Embassy of Japan
Consular Office in Anchorage
Consulate-General in Atlanta
Consulate-General in Boston
Consulate-General in Chicago
Consulate-General in Denver
Consulate-General in Detroit
Consulate-General in Hagatna
Consular Office in Saipan
Consulate-General in Honolulu
Consulate-General in Houston
Consulate-General in Los Angeles
Consulate-General in Nashville
Consulate-General in Miami
Consulate-General in New York
Consular Office in Portland
Consulate-General in San Francisco
Consulate-General in Seattle

See the full list on Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website

Where can I ask questions about visas for Japan?

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Information

Tel: 0570-011000 (Press 5 according to the instructions)
The ministry offers general consultations about the application forms for the visa authorization necessary for entering Japan.

For more specialized information, check the Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) website or call TEL 0570-011000, IP/from overseas 03-5363-3013.

What Regional Offices in Japan can I contact about Immigration and Residency?

Sapporo Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 011-261-7502
Sendai Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 022-256-6076
Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 0570-034259
Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 052-559-2150
Osaka Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 06-4703-2100
Hiroshima Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 082-221-4411
Takamatsu Regional Office of Immigration and Residence Control TEL 087-822-5852
Fukuoka Regional Immigration Services Bureau TEL 092-717-5420

(retreived from 6/28/2023)

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