What Kind of Visa Do I Need to Move to Japan? A Flow Chart


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How to Qualify to Live In Japan; A Visa Flow Chart

For those of you on a mission but unsure of the best visa path to take, we made you a handy-dandy diagram to get a better understanding of how to move to Japan.

*This chart is for general informational and entertainment purposes only. For qualified and personalized guidance, check out these immigration resources.

Should I Work as an English Teacher?

When getting adjusted in a foreign country, it helps to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. After all, you will need to deal with culture shock, a new language, new food, and more! English teachers (especially those through the JET program) often receive decent moving assistance, from plane tickets to subsidized rent and transportation. Schools are familiar with hosting foreign English teachers. That means it will be easier for you to get used to your new life in Japan. Many people who move to Japan for the long term start out as English Teachers.

Read more → You Aren’t Better Than Teaching English in Japan

Are You Telling Me I Can’t Retire to Japan?

You might be able to retire in Japan, however, there aren’t retirement-specific visas available. The journey to retiring in Japan would start much sooner, and would most likely involve acquiring permanent resident status in advance (which is not a kind of visa).

Don’t take it personally. The population of older people is expected to continue growing until 2044. The state of aging in Japan has a high ratio of 65+ people and a shrinking population. This is putting stress on the social security system and medical labor industries.

Where Do I Go For More Resources?

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Procedures Chart for Work or Long-Term Stay
Visas for Japan: Immigration Lawyer Directory
Everything You Need to Start Living in Japan as a Foreigner

*Chart illustrations are from irasutoya.com

Bitsii is an award-winning designer, having specialized in socially responsible interior design. Currently living in a remote part of Shikoku, she shares videos and articles about her home, garden, and cultural experiences as a foreigner in the Japanese Countryside.


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